Here’s What Makes ASICS A Preferred Brand Among Runners

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Light, absorbent and good lookin! We’re talking about an ASICS footwear, the game-changer in running shoes. Over the years, ASICS has become popular in running circles both in India and Internationally. Which begs the question- why is ASICS a runners preferred brand?

The inception of running shoes saw brands creating ultra-thin soles to ensure that it remains as light as possible. Luckily, a lot of science has made us understand that a thick sole can help a running stride.

Most shoe brands focus on increasing the efficiency of their products through immense cushioning while being lightweight at the same time. As simple as this may seem, there is a whole lot of technology involved in the process. However, this is something Japenese brand ASICS has managed to crack and keep consistent over the years.
ASICS uses a gel technology that is composed of a soft elastomer filled with gel and fixed in a solid construction to ensure stability. What this does is be immensely shock absorbant while being featherweight at the same time. Since gel weighs approximately half of EVA foams weight and provides 10% more bounce and 20% more resilience, it proves to be a sure shot technology in running shoes. Most of ASICS running shoes comes with the same technology and has multiple pockets of gel throughout the sole.

But it doesn’t stop there, ASICS is now working on a FlyteFoam to couple with the gel technology. The new foam comes with a 20% enhancement in strength as it uses nanofibres between air bubbles. This proves to be a big win-win among runners, which proves why it remains a consistent choice all over the running world.

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