Skirting the Issue at the London Marathon

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Nurse Jessica Anderson was earlier denied Guinness World Records marathon for running in pants and not a traditional nurse skirt.

This is the curious but rather disappointing case of Jessica Anderson, a trained nurse with the National Health Service, working for the Royal London Hospital’s acute admission unit. Guinness recognises records set by professionals running while dressed in their uniforms of trade. Jessica completed the 26-mile 382-yard course in 3:08:22, beating the existing record by 22 seconds. However, her joy at the finishing tape was cut short cruelly. She was denied the record since she was dressed in medical scrubs and not in a ‘blue or white nurse dress, a white pinafore apron and a traditional white nurse’s cap’. ‘Tights’, according to Guinness, ‘were optional’.

An irate Jessica protested and called it “outdated and frankly quite sexist”, especially since male nurses do not wear traditional dresses to work. Whether her timing makes it to the record books or not, her public rantings have driven Guinness World Records to reconsider their archaic rules on what a nurse should wear while competing in the category at the London Marathon.

It was then corrected later on and Anderson has been given the record title.

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