How to avoid poop breaks while running ?

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Ever felt the irresistible urge to poop while running?

Don’t feel deserted. It’s common even among the famous runners to take a sudden loo break while competing. In fact, in one research of marathoners, it was found that 93% had experienced gastrointestinal (GI) problems.

Mid run poop is the outcome of physiological break downs. Since it is common among the runners, it’s not like it is unavoidable.

Few reasons why urge of pooing is high when you run :

1 –Stress
Stress & anxiety are some of the major culprits which will cause us to poop on the race day. Our body gets excited as our adrenalin waves too and fro, and this is a possible reason for our GI.

2 –Watch your Intestine movements
Constant running can have more impacts on your intestines, which will clear up the accumulation.

How To Avoid Poop break While Running

Self examine your body
Know your triggers by having a food journal. Pay close attention to your food habits even as you start your training. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine as they cause GI. Cut down on fiber-rich foods a few days before your race day as they are naturally a laxative. Track your bowel movements to make these changes. If you’re sensitive to dairy, it’s better to avoid it as well.

Eat Earlier
Our body needs time to digest foods. So don’t stress your intestine with last-minute loads. Try having your pre-run meal earlier, ideally 2-3 hrs before the run. If you’re not able to eat prior, try cutting down on your portion size.

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Have A Light Snack Or Small Drink
Gastro colic reflex is a typical process of the human digestive system. The body will release out the waste as you keep filling up. So instead of overdoing, go for a light snack.

Decrease Your Pre-Run Nervousness
Pre-competition stress is one of the most prevalent causes of GI. Try meditation to lower your stress and anxiety. Mindfulness will help you to get focused on your race, too, apart from pooping pressure.

The need to poop is, in general, a completely normal reaction but physical changes that running has on the body. By modifying your diet, running style, and pre-run routine, you should be able to avoid an embarrassing poop stop next time on your R-Day.

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