Here’s How You Can Motivate Yourself Before Your First Run

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Running for your first marathon can make you feel a little out of place. Most runners admit to being in a similar spot in their first few marathons. So how can you deal with this initial awkwardness and focus entirely on the run?
Here are 5 tips to help you tackle the awkwardness during you first marathon.

Run with a friend
Unlike a sprint or a short race, try bringing company the first time. This will encourage you to do a little more than what you could and you could probably be someone elses motivation. Running along with your friends can also be relaxing, and you can make it those extra miles by cracking a few jokes too.

Set your pace
Setting your pace to match your ability will help you to stay on track longer. The ultimate key to finding your pace is to practice. And most of the runners do consider walking a few miles in between the race, which is allright! Always remember to start slow in the beginning and progress faster towards the end. Make use of your pace calculator while training to get a better understanding. Never forget that distance matters in the marathon more than the time.

Avoid comparing yourself

Being competitive comes naturally to every sports athlete. However, if you are a beginer then comparing yourself with other people may just demotivate you during the race. It’s alright to run at your own speed and remember that the journey is as important as the final goal.

Trust and motivate yourself
Always trust your body. If you can push a little further, then do it if you can’t then accept it. It’s best to listen to your body. If not today, motivate yourself to come back better the next time. Attempting to finish a 21k run the first time is certainly a big deal. Treat yourself after your first race.

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Focus on your intake
Be it your food or hydration, take it with utmost care. Have a carb-rich diet ideally 60-90 minutes before the run and stay hydrated by sipping on water throughout the day. This will fuel you with energy through your race and maintain your blood glucose level.

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