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book launch master your run

Running is all the craze now. Take an early morning jaunt around any park in the city and you will see people from all walks of like running themselves into a better, healthier life.

22nd August 2019, Thursday.

Brunton Road, Bangalore.

With the raining trickling down and the din of Bangalore’s traffic forming the backdrop, Coach and Mentor, Pramod Deshpande of the

Jayanagar Jaguars (JJ) running club released his first book “Master your run / ನೀವೂ ಓಡಬಹುದು”.

Present at the launch were several esteemed guests such as Mr Vivek Singh (Jt. MD of Procam International), Dr Sharan Patil (Founder and Chairman of Sparsh Hospital), Mr Beedu Sir (Dronacharya Awardee), several ultra-runners, marathoners, the Jayanagar Jaguars’ team and the Sawanna Publishing house.

The evening started on an auspicious note with a welcome prayer and the traditional lighting of the lamp. Following this, Mr Vivek Singh, Joint MD of Procam International took to the stage and spoke about the evolution of running in India and how books such as ‘Master your run’ will only assist in taking running to the next level and reaching a wider audience.

When Coach Pramod had the opportunity to speak, he had this to say, “In the last few years of my running career, I have witnessed many people transform their lives through running. In the process, I have learnt a lot from them and yet I had a gnawing feeling that large sections of society still did not have access to training. During that time, I was approached by Jameel Savanna who said that if I was willing to write a book, he will publish it. Something clicked in my head and I realized that I couldn’t let go of this opportunity. That set in motion the chain of events that led me to write this book.”

He adds, “ We have many running books in the market but nothing specific to an Indian runner. In India, the family of the runner plays a key role and not just the runner himself. I also wanted to break the myths and disbeliefs a lot of people have around running.”

Coach Pramod fulfilled one important goal with his book – he made sure a Kannada version was written so that it reaches several aspiring runners who don’t have access to formal training.

The event closed off with a handing over of a copy of the book to each of the esteemed guests and dignitaries present.

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Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur

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