8 Health Benefits of Running

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We are all aware of the fact that running can do wonders for our bodies and mind. Researches have found that regular running, even at a slow pace, can lower your risk of early death. No other form of exercise has shown to be as effective on the human body. Here are 8 ways how running will improve your health.

Aids weight loss:

The idea of joining a gym makes most people wonder about its membership going unused. On the other hand, the only thing one needs to start running is the right pair of shoes. Running is one of the best forms of exercise for burning calories. Running uses a lot of muscles such as quads, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. It helps these muscles to get stronger and toned.

Good for your heart health:

Running is good for your heart health. Studies suggest regular running reduces the risk of heart diseases. It helps to pump up a large volume of blood. It also lowers your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Uplifts mood:

If you are a runner, you must have experienced a happy mood right after your running session. This is because your body releases hormones that will make you happy while running. Research has found that people suffering from depression may also uplift their mood with just twenty minutes of running.

Strengthen your bones:

We know for a fact that weight-bearing exercise is one of the best ways to build healthy bones. Running as a weight-bearing exercise helps in forming new bone tissue and strengthening muscles. This is because when you run, you strike your feet on the ground and engage many bones from your legs till your spine. Running also cuts down the risk of osteoporosis as it reduces the rate of bone loss.

Boosts energy:

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Try going for running when you feel tired. It will give a kick to your energy levels and help increase your concentration and productivity. 

Improves skin:

Running is good for your skin too. When you run, your pores and sweat glands open up and removes dirt and oils. This brings a natural glow on your skin. Just remember to remove makeup before your workout to avoid any breakouts.

Boost memory:

There is yet another reason that will motivate you to start running. A new study has shown that running releases protein that boosts memory. It lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s, even for those with a family history of it.

 Controls blood sugar:

When you run, your muscles use glucose. Regular running helps bring down your sugar levels. It improves your body sensitivity to insulin. Its a must follow exercise for people with diabetes.

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