7 ways to boost your endurance

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For an athlete, both time and distance matters. But how is it possible to balance both at the same time? Stamina or Endurance plays an important role here, especially for a marathoner who runs for miles. Running Endurance doesn’t pop up overnight; it needs consistency. Even before you start your training to develop the stamina, keep your base as yoga or aerobics and begin to build on that.

1. Consistency is a key

To boost your aerobic potential (oxygen intake by the muscles) and to run far be more consistent. If you’re consistently training your body, it’ll automatically develop your aerobic capacity and will increase your muscle strength.

2. Distance matters

In a week of training, go for a long run for 2 or 3 days. As you run, be slow and watch your pace. Trying to run longer and faster might resist you to finish the race. Focus on covering the distance and not in a hurry. Speed follows Endurance.

3. Tempo runs to gain Endurance

Running shorter distance at a higher pace is called as tempo runs. Training your body on tempo runs will free you from lactic acid build-up from the blood faster. These run training will help you to increase your speed comfortably as you challenge yourself hard during the training.

4. Eat for stamina

You need the energy to run long distances. The source of energy is from your diet, i.e., carbs. Ideally, 50% -60% of your food intake should be of carbohydrates being an athlete. When you’re tired, depressed, or not able to complete your run, then boost your carb intake. Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, brown rice, and whole grains are preferred more than your refined ones.

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5. Recovery is must

The more you increase your stamina, you’re challenging yourself, which means your body needs time for recovery. For functional recovery, including a healthy diet, proper stretching exercises, and have a good sleep. Keep fueling the body with carb-rich snacks after your run.

6. Work on your running efficiency

For an efficient runner, running strategy matters. You can see runner longer without getting tired if you’re competent. Efficiency comes with good posture when you run. Even if you lose weight, be happy about it because it improves your running economy.

7. Prepare your mental-self

Encourage yourself more and make your long run more relaxed. Preparing your body to listen to you in reaching an extra mile when you’re weary, makes you reach heights in your running journey. Remember, Mind games are part of the real race.

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