6 Race Day Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Race Day Mistakes You Should Avoid

A lot of people tell you what you should be doing before a race. But there’s so much you shouldn’t be doing! These simple things you should be avoiding are so common and thus can be forgotten easily.

1. Avoid Experimenting with New Food

Experimenting with new food on or before your race day can be a risk that you should avoid taking. It can go very wrong and put you in a spot during your race. Having a nutrient packed meal 60 to 90 minutes before your run or snacking on a cereal bar before your race would be more than enough for you to start.

2. Stick to those Comfortable Shoes

Train your feet along with your shoes. Avoiding wearing your new pair of shoes on your race day. New shoes take time to soften, so you might feel discomfort. If you’ve got time, get your gait analysis done. This will help you select a good pair of shoes for yourself.

3. Avoid Layering

If the weather seems a little chilly on the day of your run, you may think you need a couple of extra layers. While it’s okay to carry some with you, it isn’t advisable to layer up during a run.

Wearing clothes that warm your body temperature up for 10 degrees is ideal for running. It’s also important to pick the right fabric. Technical running fabrics will leave you sweat-free and will be comfortable for running compared to Cotton, which will cause chafing of skin due to sweat absorption.

4. Start Slow and Speed up Gradually

The initial excitement of a race can pump you up to start fast.
Starting faster, in the beginning, can burn you out. So make sure that you start slow and pick up the pace gradually.

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5. Don’t Give Up

Each individual is unique and has different limits. So don’t
compare yourself with other runners. Push your boundaries and try your level best to keep up the fierce fight for your fellow runners.

6. Always Warm-up

Slow walk or jog to warm your body before a run. This is important whether you’re prepping for a race or just training. Always remember warming up and cooling down is a must. Overdoing a warm-up will also make your muscles weary. So it’s important to do it right.

Good Luck!

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