Have your tried the Swedemen Xtreme Triathlon?

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swedemen xtreme triathlon

Image courtesy: Swedemen Xtreme Traithlon


Swimming under a waterfall, biking through the wilderness and running up a mountain, is what it takes to conquer the course of the Swedemen Xtreme Triathlon.

Based out of Åre, Swedeman is an official member of the Xtri World Tour. The Xtri family is growing and we are proud to be able to offer this stunning course to the Swedish and international audience.The SWEDEMAN is now part of an exclusive family ( Alongside the Norseman, Celtman,
Swissman, Canadaman, Alaskaman and Jánošík Slovakia

The Course – Swim, Bike and Run

Athletes will begin their race with a swim of 3.8 kms and finish under Sweden‘s largest waterfall. The swim is not easy as the temperate of the water is 13C and they need to encounter undercurrents. There are chances that the temperature might drop, making it extremely challenging to finish this leg of the race.

The biking part of the race is the most scenic stretch that you would find. A 205km stretch of wilderness with an ascent totally 2000m is what you will have to overcome to reach the finish line. You are also likely to encounter reindeer and moose along the course, so participants need to be extra vigilant.

The 41km run is an uphill task as there is an ascent of 2000m, but with the scenic views and forest paths, it is definitely one fantastic trail to stride through. The organisers advise that the last 10km be completed using a support runner because of the ascent and its likely that you are already tired.

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The race takes place in Are, Sweden, in the month of July or August every year. There may be disruptions in weather during the race, so it is essential to be prepared for any changes. They also enforce cut-off timings for each leg of the race in the interest of the safety of the participants. The route through amazing Swedish wilderness is an unforgettable experience, but not without significant risk for the competitor.

Xtri World Tour

The XTRI World Tour stands to bring to the world stage the most incredible races in unique and spectacular locations. The Xtri World Tour – A series of incredible extreme triathlons in some of the most spectacular and unique places in the world. Take a trip to the Scottish Highlands, the Swiss or Italian Alps, the wild forests of Quebec, the mystery of Patagonia, the coasts of Spain, the Swedish wilderness, the Slovakian mountains and culminate in the fjords of Norway. More friends are joining soon with prospect races in 2019 in The Isle of Man, Montenegro and Brazil.

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