Why you need cycling gloves?

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If you have ever wondered how necessary cyclings gloves are to a rider, then Deepthi Velkur is offering a few reasons for you to consider them a great buy.

Cycling is soon becoming the new “driving”.

Wonder why? Here are a few benefits – it helps you avoid the famous Bangalore traffic jams, it’s budget-friendly, promotes a healthier self and most importantly, reduces our carbon footprint.

Look around you and you will notice that the trend only seems to grow.

The one thing that you will find in common amongst urban cyclists is that they all tend to be wearing cycling gloves. So the question here is ‘are cycling gloves really necessary to ride a bicycle?’

The answer is YES. Cycling gloves are one of those apparels that come in direct contact with your body and the bicycle. Wearing them offers immense benefits such as:

  • Providing padding for your hands to ensure a better grip on the bars especially when it’s too hot or cold and even from harmful sun rays,
  • Protects skin in case of a fall or crash,
  • Dampen vibrations which can cause hand/finger numbness, and
  • Reduces pressure on your ulnar nerve(It runs through the palm of your hand and is responsible for the shock you feel when you hit your funny bone), which also causes numbness.

Just like any other piece of cycling gear, you can’t grab one off the shelves but you need to make sure they fit you perfectly.  Additionally, a good pair of gloves can be a nice way to jazz up your look while on the saddle and most gloves do come with absorbent material on the thumb that helps to wipe off sweat easily.

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Some tips on finding the right pair of cycling gloves

  • When trying out a pair of gloves, always check for the webbing between your index finger and thumb. If it gives you a snug feel which can avoid scrunching up or chafing is a good indication of the right fit when you hold the handlebars.
  • It might feel unnatural or different to hold the handlebars with gloves for the first time due to the padding. Keep trying until it feels normal.
  • Cycling gloves come in 2 categories- Full finger and Half finger, both of which offer same size and padding options. Half finger gloves are great for road riding which allow for a good feel on the controls and wicks away sweat easily. Full finger gloves come in handy for off-road biking, giving you better protection in case of an accident/fall.

In this article, I would like to talk more about the Castelli Arenberg Gel Gloves” that is a popular brand amongst cycling enthusiasts.

Castelli is an Italian brand known for its high-performance products that offer a wide range from cycling apparel to accessories for both men and women. Talking about their gloves, in particular, the Castelli Arenberg Gel gloves are lightweight, water-resistant and provide insulation as well.

Fit & Sizes

These gloves fit like a dream and come in sizes – M to 2XL. They are made of soft and comfortable material and come with an adjustable Velcro wrist closure that allows you to tighten till the gloves feel right.


The half finger design of the gloves provides maximum padding that comes with a combination of AX Suede palm with silicone print pattern to improve grip even on damp and muddy roads. The back of the gloves is made from a combination of Lycra and a micro mesh that provide comfort and making them more breathable.

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The gloves feature a micro-suede snot or a sweat wipe thumb used to wick away sweat while on the go. A small pull-tab present between the middle and ring finger and an extended wrist cuff both of which help in taking off the gloves effortlessly.

Its priced at INR 5800 on and INR 2199 on They come in colours of red, black, yellow, midnight navy/orange and surf blue/white.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of gloves that perform as well as last long while retaining their comfort and performance capability, these are the gloves to go with.

The benefits of wearing cycling gloves are several, and a good pair of cycling gloves can go a long way in improving your overall experience while on the saddle.

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