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Wearable hydration is definitely a boon for runners in long-distance races, the new Wet Sleeve is the most amazing gear introduced into the market is the perfect Fitness game changer.

A gruelling marathon or a long cycle run brings its own set of challenges and losing fluids due to sweat loss is one of the biggest. No matter how much we try, we can never fully replace the fluids you lose.

Staying hydrated during a prolonged endurance activity will only enhance your performance, thereby avoiding ensuing thermal stress, delay fatigue, maintain plasma volume, and prevent injuries associated with dehydration and sweat loss. Taking the correct level of fluid consumption before, during and after workouts play a vital role in maintaining fluid levels in the body.

Tired of carrying your water bottle around while doing a strenuous workout?  Here is a whole new way to effortlessly hydrate yourself on the go with the world’s most innovative hands-free hydration system.

The Wetsleeve is a wearable hydration sleeve, which is a perfect solution for hydration in motion e.g. when you’re doing an endurance activity like running, cycling and hiking.

This hydration system is specifically designed for anyone leading an active lifestyle, as this sleeve allows you to focus and push forward without breaking your rhythm. It’s super comfortable, lightweight and made of breathable material and has a natural conformed fit that moves with you for optimal balance and performance.

The concept for Wetsleeve was born out of necessity. Hydration is the key to maintaining endurance while training, Wetsleeve is a seamless, convenient source of hydration that is hands-free and doesn’t weigh you down. The hydration sleeve is spill-proof and is suitable for water and any other sports drink as well.

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wet sleeve constructionFeatures

  • 3D Mesh Lining
  • Insulated Layer by keeping the liquid cool and arm dry
  • Built-in Pockets
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Sizes-Small to large


  • For indoor and outdoor activities
  • Made of premium water-resistant materials
  • Hydration capacity: 12 oz (350 ML)
  • BPA free
  • Leak-proof
  • 120oz or 350ml capacity
  • FDA approved food-grade materials
  • Machine-wash safe


The product has been newly launched in India and product priced at is INR 2499/- and a Special Promotional Launch Price of INR 1999/. The product is available at various specialised sports retailers across India and also available exclusively on Amazon India.




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Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur is a former sprinter who is trying her hand at various sports today. A tennis fanatic, who believes that sleep should never be compromised.