The Oakley Cycling Sunglasses for long rides

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Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses

Cycling glasses are one of the most important companions for cyclists on long-distance rides, here we review the Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses to see how they fare.

Cycling glasses have been making progress for over several decades now offering you the latest features which work both on and off the bike. The high-performance eyewear has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your ride and at the same time offering protection from debris and UV rays.

The eyewear comes with varied lens shapes and frames which is an important consideration for a cyclist as they provide the field of vision and protection. The frameless designs also have a thin frame on the bottom of the lens to protect your face from getting cut in case of an impact. Choose your lenses wisely based on its usage – for example, if you’re a mountain biker, get lenses that highlight browns and reds which give you better visibility on trails. For a road cyclist, lenses that highlight greys and blues are best suited for roads.

Another important facet to look for before buying sunglasses is to check for fit. The glasses should be able to fit the size and shape of your face well to stay put while riding and also make you feel comfortable enough to wear for long periods under a helmet.

Leading eyewear brand Oakley has been an industry giant making high-performance eyewear for decades now. One of their latest model’s – ‘Oakley’s Flight Jacket sunglasses are stylish and futuristic-looking which come in an array of bold as well as conservative colour and lens options. These sunglasses are similar to the Oakley Jawbreakers having the top section of the frame removed.

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The Flight Jacket is a uniquely styled pair of glasses with cutting edge combination of aesthetics and technology. They have large spherical lenses and offer excellent coverage thereby providing greater eye protection. The Oakley‘s signature Prizm lenses (variants such as Prizm Road, Prizm Trail for road, and off-road riding) provide an impressive optical clarity and enhanced contrast of vision and allow colours to pop while riding thereby providing enhanced visibility in their specific area depending on the type of ride.

The frame is thoughtfully designed and come with adjustable arms that are well-suited for cycling helmets. Another important feature that make these glasses stand out is the adjustable Advancer nose pad which enables increased air circulation and prevents fogging. The advancer comes with a small switch that can be easily pull down to activate which results in the glasses moving away from the face.

The comfort, fit and size and comfort are excellent. The thin arms sit nicely on your ears and don’t interfere with your helmet straps and retention system.               The rubber nose pads grip the glasses firmly into place and don’t slip down even when you sweat.

The Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses are available in a range of colours and lens choices. Priced at INR  13,090 on and available at select retailers in India is by no means cheap but last long and worth every penny.

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