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Rockay accelerate running socks

A running sock that lives up to the hype, Deepthi Velkur writes about the Rockay Accelerate.

Believe it or not, one of the most exciting things about running beside achieving your personal best or improving your pace and time with each run is the attractive running gear you wear.

For a runner, every piece of clothing or accessory has a purpose to serve – be it for sun protection, prevent chafing, regulating body temperature or just adding style to the overall look.

The most important gear to a runner would probably be the shoes. This is quite unsurprising given that they protect you from rugged terrains and overuse injuries as the feet take the maximum toll during a run and end up carrying your bodyweight.

Besides a good running shoe being at the top of your list, a good pair of socks comes a close second. A good sock has many benefits as it protects your feet from blistering and chafing which even the best shoe will not be able to prevent.

A great amount of technology is used in designing a running sock. Many features such as usage of material, moisture absorption, rubbing against the skin, compression, seams and sock fit are carefully tied together to provide a smooth irritation-free ride.

When looking for a good running sock, here are a few pointers:

Material – It is ideal to pick a moisture absorbing fabric like organic wool. Although wool seems like it would attract more heat which might suffocate your feet, it does the contrary – it helps your feet cool down and breathe. The wool also keeps your feet feeling dry, prevents it from getting blisters and chafing and is suitable for any climate.

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Seamless Technology – Apart from the material of the sock, another critical element to consider is how seamless the sock is. Protruding seams make it very uncomfortable and constant rubbing of the seams on your feet will lead to chafing and irritation of the skin. Seams should mostly be seen above your feet, around toes and ankle where more pressure is exerted.

Fit – The socks should fit perfectly with a tight and snug fit and no extra room for bunching around your toes. Walking a bit in your new socks before running can prevent from fluid accumulating in your feet causing swelling and thereby making the sock feel tighter.

Supportive features – A good sock controls pain and swelling by providing compression in areas such as under the arch as it provides stability for the foot tendons and distributes pressure keeping the fascia loose and prevent inflammation.

The Rockay Accelerate Running shoes comes with all the features that a good sock needs to have – premium quality merino organic wool, anti-blister proof, a tight and snug fit with a compression arch, optimal temperature adjustment feature and sweat absorption helping your feet breathe easy and leaving it feeling dry.


The long-lasting socks come in six different colors and sizes ranging from XS to XL and are priced at INR 1095 with it being available at

While a tad expensive, these socks are worth every penny as they keep your feet well protected and helps you finish your run without any swelling or broken skin.

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Deepthi Velkur

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