Muscle Recovery with TriggerPoint Foam Roller

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Muscle stress needs relief especially is you are running everyday, the TriggerPoint GRID X Foam Roller is the best in the market for you to try, writes Nandini Reddy.

Mobility is one of the most important components of fitness and recovery for runners needs the extra assistance and foam rollers are the go to product. TriggerPoint’s new Grid X upgrade for it foam roller is a hollow core foam roller that definitely gets the job done. The high quality of the GRID has helped make it a #1 tool of physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic trainers and professional athletes. The GRID is meant to be used for rolling your tight muscles, knots & kinks to eliminate / reduce soreness and increase range of motion by achieving greater mobility.

The Grid X Roller

The new version of the roller delivers a basic design which is hollow inside and bumpy outside. The new roller is an upgrade from the original roller as its twice as firm and defined for athletes who want to target dense muscle tissues.

The GRID roller has 3 different surfaces for you to utilize:

  1. The Flat Surface – Simulating the palms of the hands of a massage therapist.
  2. The Long Tubular Surface – For a deep tissue massage.
  3. The Small And Firm Surface – This is the surface that is the most aggressive and reaches the deepest into your tissue.

The TriggerPoint roller is known for its durability due to its rigid core.

  • This roller rolls better without slipping from underneath you
  • It is compact and travel-friendly
  • It is sturdy
  • Its design allows a finger-like feel
  • Perfect for deep tissue relief
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The GRID comes in a variety of models – which vary in size – and also comes in a number of different colors. The way to differentiate between different firmnesses with GRID rollers is to look at the color of the inner core. GRID rollers with black cores are the standard, moderate firmness. The GRID X is extra-firm, and features a red core.


The products are available in three different sizes and two densities. Regular density models include:

  1. The original 13-inch GRID
  2. The 26-inch GRID 2.0
  3. And the 4-inch travel-friendly GRID Mini.
  4. The 13-inch GRID X features extra dense foam for working the tightest muscles.


Its priced at Rs 2516.40 after a 20% price drop on Its higher priced than the other rollers in the market.

Its constructed to be tough and sturdy. It is also the perfect roller for deep tissue muscle relief.

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