Just for Runners: The Don’t Rest Primeknit LUX Bra

adidas primeknit lux bar

A review of the Primeknit LUX Bra that is perfect for runners, writes Deepthi Velkur.

When we think running gear, our minds often go to trainers, clothing, hydration, etc. but what about a good running bra? (for us ladies, at least!).

Picking out a well-fitted sports bra is like picking out the right trainers – it’s often the difference between a comfortable run and one that you’d like to forget in a hurry.

The basic rule – it’s important to provide the right support for your breasts especially when running long distances as it helps to reduce the bounce and keeps them secure by protecting the supportive tissue – the Coopers ligaments, which prevent your breasts from sagging.

Whether you’re a new runner or an experienced one, investing in the right kind of gear will make you’re running a pleasurable experience. The best way to go about selecting the right sports bra is to think about the various activities you do. Ask yourself how much bounce you put your breasts through which helps you decide if you should go for a high impact, medium impact or a low impact sports bra.

Adidas has launched its new knitted bra that is aimed at delivering comfort and support that mirrors the female body in motion. The “Don’t Rest Primeknit Lux Bra”, a first of its kind sports bra has been created using Adidas revolutionary knitting technology. The bra has been engineered for the perfect fit and freedom of movement for female athletes so they train with zero distraction.

The Primeknit Lux Bra has been co-created in association with Adidas’s global network of female athletes who revealed the need for a high-performance sports bra. Years of research have gone into fine-tuning the exact amount of flexibility and support a female athlete needs to stay comfortable.

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This bra is designed for medium-impact workouts which uses a superior soft and absorbent nylon yarn that provides unparalleled comfort and cooling and a breathable knit that feels luxurious against your skin. The bra also comes with a round neck and a racer back which is engineered to give targeted areas the right stretch, support and bounce management for a locked-in feel that does not restrict.


  • Medium support offers a close fit with high compression and a pullover design
  • 82% nylon / 18% elastane seamless
  • Seamless Adidas Primeknit
  • Elastic hem
  • Reflective Adidas Badge of Sport
  • Colour: black /carbon

It is now available for purchase in-store and also online at at a price of INR 2,499 with sizes ranging from XS to L.

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Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur

Deepthi Velkur is a former sprinter who is trying her hand at various sports today. A tennis fanatic, who believes that sleep should never be compromised.