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Wearing the right gear always makes for a comfortable ride; be it a road race, hitting the trail or even commuting to work. You perform better and ride longer.

Not too long ago, there was a raging debate in the cycling community of whether cotton t-shirts were better than cycling jerseys and a common consensus was that cotton t-shirts have their share of troubles – chaffing, spoiled posture, etc.

Now, wearing a cycling jersey isn’t a requirement to ride your bike but wearing one surely makes for a more comfortable ride. What is it that makes cycling jerseys so special, you wonder? Apart from it making you look good, it has a whole range of benefits right from the material used, to its fit and various other features it comes with.

Key features to note before buying a cycling jersey:


Most modern jerseys are made from some variation of polyester. These materials help quickly wick sweat away from your body and provide breathability keeping you dry and comfortable. This is one main reason why jerseys beat cotton T-shirts as cotton soaks up moisture and retains it making you feeling cold when you stop riding. If you are someone who likes natural fibres, then merino wool is your best choice which wicks away sweat and is naturally odour-resistant. Jerseys that are highly-priced are constructed using more panels of fabric giving you a better overall fit following the curves of your body and using a variety of fabrics to increase the performance of the garment.


Road bike jerseys should have a snug like fit. Wearing a loose material flapping against the wind can only slow you down and on long rides zap some amount of your energy as well. Jerseys are designed to be long at the back and short in front so that your back stays covered while riding and you don’t feel the front has excess fabric which might cause discomfort. The jerseys usually come in two types – the long-sleeved version which is made of a thicker warmer fabric that keeps you warm in cold weather but you might be quite comfortable using one with short sleeves the rest of the year.

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Other Features

  • Visibility: If you find yourself riding in the wee hours or late evening or dull weather conditions, consider wearing bright colours and look for reflective details.
  • Zippers: Some zippers are full-length while others come down only two-thirds of the way. Full-length zippers allow better ventilation for the body to cool down when you’re off on your long rides.
  • Pockets: Road cycling jerseys typically have three rear pockets for storing energy bars, gels, and other small items. Some come with an extra zipped pocket to store money and valuables.
  • SPF Protection- When your cycling in hot weather conditions, the sun rays can get through your jersey causing skin burn or irritation. Some of the modern jerseys come with in-built SPF protection.
  • Wind and Water resistance- Modern materials that are wind and water-resistant are generally designed to provide breathability, but the panels on lighter-weight fabrics are further used to aid ventilation like on the back or the underarms.

With so many brands in the Indian market selecting the right cycling jersey might be a bit challenging. If you’re just about starting with cycling, you can go for cheaper brands but if you’re an active cyclist and looking for the best, then 2Goactive wear produces the best cycling jerseys out there.

The 2Go Men Velo Love Cycling Jerseys are designed using simple contrast colour-blocking and are engineered for aero efficiency that cut through the air providing maximum efficiency. It offers a snug fit that uses a unique stretchable knit allowing your body to move freely thereby improving performance on long-distance rides. These jerseys are short-sleeved and come with features such as micromesh panels placed ergonomically and a full front zipper that wicks away sweat and enhances breathability making the ride that much more pleasurable. It also comes with a triple pocket compartment for stacking your little tools, snacks, and other mid-ride essentials on the back for your long rides and reflective elements on the sleeves for high visibility. The jersey has an internal silicone gel gripper at the bottom that keeps the jersey firm on your waist while riding.

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This jersey is made from 100% polyester and 10% Spandex and is available online in different sizes. It retails at  INR 1999 at or

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