Cycling Power Meters Review: Favero Assioma Duo

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Deepthi Velkur reviews the cycling power meter that can become your best friend when you are an ardent cyclist.

In the world of cycling, data is your best friend. The more you know about how you are performing, the more accurate and impactful your performance improvement will be.

One of the more popular changes in cyclists’ training over the past few years is measuring your power output.  To be able to do that, you would require a power meter. This brings us to a series of questions: What is a power meter? How does it work? What are the benefits of using one? The different models out there?

In this article, we will cover the basics you need to know, as well as our take on a very popular pedal-based power meter model in the market.

What is a Power Meter?

It’s an electronic device used to measure the power (or torque) that you generate when you turn the pedals. Measured in watts, it is a precise way for you to gauge your effort on a cycle. The data from the power meter is then relayed real-time to the handlebar mounted computer displaying multiple variables that measure performance. You can put power on virtually on any type of cycle – road, track, mountain.

Different types of power meters

There are multiple types available depending on where the power meter is located on your cycle. For example, there is a crank-based power meter, where the power sensors and electronics are built into the crank. Alternatively, there is a pedal-based power meter where the sensors and electronics are located in the pedals.

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The Benefits of a Power Meter

  • It helps you structure your training better
  • You can track your fitness more accurately
  • You remove guesswork from the equation
  • The accurate performance data you get show how you have improved and that is very motivating

We have various models of power meters available in the market today such as the Stages, Powertap P1, Power2max, Garmin Vector 3, Favero Assioma Duo, etc. I’ve chosen one of the most popular power meters – Favero Assioma DUO.

The Favero Assioma Duo is a pedal-based power meter designed on the Look cleat system and are quite compatible with the original Look Kleo cleats. It measures power in the pedal body and places its electronics in pods that are mounted on the pedal spindles. These pedals are built better than their previous model, the BePro units which makes the installation on any bike and swapping between bikes, an absolute cinch. Just using a regular 8mm hex wrench along with elbow grease is all you need for installation. This apart, they have added in a companion app and Bluetooth Smart support system.


The Favero Assioma DUO offers all of the benefits of a power meter pedal –

  • Dual-sided power output(watts)
  • Easy to setup and transferable to any bike in seconds
  • Super lightweight (149g per pedal),
  • Start and Stop technology which automatically switches the pedals off when not in use to save power
  • 54mm Q factor
  • Completely waterproof
  • Great compatibility
  • Uses the IAV (Instantaneous Angular Velocity) technology thus making it more accurate (+/- 1.0% accuracy).
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Data.. Data.. Data..

The Assoima pedals gathers a lot of data which include: cadence, power output (dual sided), left-right balance (0-100%), smoothness of the pedal and torque effectiveness. The pedals are compatible with majority of head units from GPs computers to multisport watches which can be connected via Bluetooth and are excellent in connecting and transmitting real time data. It’s advisable to do regular updates via the Assioma app which essentially serves as an interface to do updates and check pedal battery life.


While riding the Assioma pedals is no different when compared to any other pedal when it comes to adjusting the tension and the included cleats offer 6° of float. They also offer black cleats with no float. Although the Look Keo cleats offers  4.5° and 9° on top of what Favero has which are quite compatible.

Battery Life

Apart from being supremely easy to install not requiring any complex tools at all, the Assioma DUO is powered by a rechargeable battery built into the pods themselves ensuring 50 hours of battery time. A warning light shows up 8hrs before when the pedals need charging and can be charged simultaneously with a magnetic USB charger.


The Favero Assioma Duo(double-sided) are priced at INR 102,577(sale-price) on (retails for about $670).

The many available features and their attractive price makes them one of the best value deals among power meters out there in the market.

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