10 Ways to Clean Running Shoes

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Tips to Clean Running Shoes Effectively

Running is tough on your shoes. When you want to clean your shoes, what’s the best way to do it? Shoes are likely to get dirty in no time, and so you need to be very careful about cleaning them. Decent care and a good cleaning can restore your shoes and preserve your purchase. Tossing them in a washing machine will not help. If you properly clean your shoes, they’ll look fresh, and you’ll prolong your shoes’ lifespan.

Cleaning shoes is essential for runners as running outside can dirty up your shoes in a hurry. The best way to clean running shoes is to perform handwashing.

Here are a Few Running Shoe Cleaning Tips:

  1. First, remove the sock liner or insole.
  2. You can also remove your laces and rinse with your running apparel.
  3. Remove the outside dust with an old toothbrush or nail brush.
  4. Rinse your shoes with lukewarm water and cleanse with the brush and any shampoo.
  5. Wipe the insole with water and the shampoo.
  6. Clean both the shoes and insoles with cold water.
  7. Blot your insoles and shoe dry with a dry towel.
  8. Leave the insoles out of the shoe to evaporate. 
  9. Do not place shoes or insoles on a heating element (radiator) to rush drying. Doing so can modify the shape of the shoe.
  10. Instead, put a paper towel or newspaper inside your shoes to speed the rate of drying.

Foot Odour and Stinky Feet

Clean running shoes are for better-smelling feet! Head & Shoulders is an ideal shoe cleaner because it is designed to break up the bacteria that cause the smell. It also works well for cleansing your running clothes while moving on the road.

When to Replace Running Shoes?

Always keep your running shoes up to date, which may diminish injuries down the road. A generic rule of thumb of when to replace running shoes is every 350-500 miles. It fluctuates based on the shoe, your running habit, and weight as well. Few running shoes last longer, while some need to be repaired more regularly.

It’s smart to save your running shoes for only your run practices and keep track of your distance along the way within a log. It’s also convenient to write the date of buying on the side of the sole to remind you when you purchase them.

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