Legs Strengthening Exercises For Cycling

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legs strengthening exercises for cycling

Cycling is a great way to pedal your way into fitness and happiness. Cycling is more than just a sport. However, acute leg strength is significant to cycle efficiently. There are a few legs strengthening exercises for cycling that can help build your lower body muscles.

Why should I do legs strengthening exercises for cycling?

The best leg strength training workouts revolve around resistance training exercises. Resistance exercises are the best in improving the leg strength as well as its efficiency. It can also help you accomplish more with less effort and increase your endurance skills. These resistance leg strength workouts can make it possible for you to pedal your way up no matter how steep the climb is.

Listed below are some of the best legs strength training workouts for cycling. They focus on your major leg muscles for a well-rounded workout. These can build your lower-body muscles and make it strong for cycling.


Hold dumbbells at your shoulders and keep your core tight. Keep your feet at hip-distance from each other. Bend your knees so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure to push your hips back as you lower yourself. Stand back up and repeat.

Kettlebell swings

Keep your feet wide apart. Hold a kettlebell using both hands. Hang your arms in front of you. Squat with your back straight and push your hips back. Bring the kettlebell behind your hips by squatting a little. Push back up by bringing your hips forward and the kettlebell up to your shoulders. Repeat.

Single-leg deadlift

Hold the kettlebell on your right hand. Use your left leg to stand on. Bend your left knee a little and extend your right leg backward for balance by bending at the hip. Lower your kettlebell forward along with your torso until it is parallel to the ground. Stand back on both your feet and repeat on both sides.

Side lunge

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell on each hand and leap to your left using your left leg. Bend your left leg while doing this and lower your hips to the ground and make sure your left thigh is parallel to the floor. Return to your initial position and repeat on both sides in sets.

Box Jump

Keep a box or a step of 12 to 18 inches height before you. Jump up by squatting back. You can swing your arms for added momentum. Make sure to land on the box and let your knees softly absorb the impact. Step down from the box to the initial position and repeat in sets on each side.

Step-up with kickback

Stand before the same box or a step. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Use your left foot to step on the box. Once at the top, extend your right leg behind you. Contract your glutes while doing this. Bring your right leg alone to the floor before bringing your left leg down. Return to the initial standing position. Repeat with both sides in sets.

Before you start on these exercises, it’s important to ask how exactly does strength training help runners and cyclists? Isn’t the point of strength training to build muscles and tone the body? We understand that this thought would cross your mind. Contrary to popular belief, going to the gym makes a runner and a cyclist stronger. Strength training focuses on muscles that support running and cycling, and aims at building better balance, flexibility and endurance. Strength training is responsible for correcting posture, conditioning and strengthening the core, and improving overall performance. A few weeks at the gym, and you’ll notice the difference in your performance.

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