Knee Injury Recovery Exercises

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Knee Injury recovery exercises

When you are aiming for a knee injury recovery, there are specific areas that you should pay strict attention to. There are four types of knee injury recovery exercises that focus on various aspects of knee injury recovery, such as the range of motion exercises, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises and functional exercises.

You need to focus on increasing the range of motion and your knee, as well as the area surrounding your knee, have to be strengthened. When starting off with knee injury ligament recovery exercises, it is important that you begin lightly before launching into a strict routine. It is also advised to be on the lookout for unnatural pain or other discomforts.

Listed below are some of the recommended knee injury recovery exercises.

Range of motion exercises

Wall Slides: Place your affected knee at a right angle by pressing your back against the wall. By bending your knee, slide your foot down the wall. After holding for a couple of seconds, raise your affected knee back with the healthy leg.

Passive Knee Reflection: Lie on your stomach after taking your foot through the mouth of an exercise strap. Tug on the strap handles to flex your knee until it is tight. Relax after a couple of seconds.

Passive Knee Extension: Stretch your knees by sitting on the floor. Place your ankles on top of a pillow and keep weight on your knees. Let your knee stretch to its maximum, meanwhile relaxing your muscles.

Prone Leg Hanging: You can either complete this knee injury recovery exercise by lying flat on your stomach on your bed or on the floor but by keeping a pillow under the injured knee. Let your leg hang. To extend your legs fully, you can also place a weight over your heel.

Stretching exercises

Calf Stretch: Stand against a wall by keeping your rear leg straight and slightly bend your front leg. Keep the calf muscle in your rear leg tight by leaning against the wall. Make sure your heels are on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then relax.

Groin Stretch: Join the back of your foot by sitting on the floor. Push your knees outward using your elbows. Hold for a few seconds and then relax.

Hamstring Stretch: Lie on your back and insert your foot through the mouth of an exercise strap. Tug on the strap handle until your affected knee is straight and your leg tight. Hold for a few seconds and then relax.

Strengthening exercises

Quad Set: Spread your legs in front of you by sitting on the floor. Pull back your toes and tighten your thigh muscles. Hold for a few seconds and relax.

Toe Raises: Spread your legs as wide as your shoulders and face a wall. Stand as high on your toes as possible. Hold for a few seconds and then relax.

Calf Strengthening: Insert your foot through the mouth of an exercise strap and sit on the floor. Make sure to point your toes away from your body. Hold for a few seconds and then relax.

Functional exercises

Single-Leg Balance: Try and stand using your affected leg. Balance for a few seconds before relaxing.

Heel Touchdowns: Keep your affected leg on a slightly higher elevated plane, such as a step. Let your other leg hang, make sure the toes are pointed upwards. By bending the affected leg, let your healthy leg’s heel touch the floor.

Quarter Squat: Keep your feet as far apart as the width of your shoulder. Slightly bend so as to cover your toes when you look down. Your weight has to be borne by your heels and your back has to be kept straight. Once you come back to the standing position, make sure you do not stand as tall that your knees lock.

These are some very effective knee injury recovery exercises. It is advised that you begin at a slow-pace, giving your body time to accommodate the new routine as well as your affected leg and then move on to a fully-fledged routine.

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