If you are a cyclist it will be beneficial for you to practice Yoga. Most often people have day jobs that require them to sit all day long. Yoga is an effective way to stretch the hip flexors that get tight when you sit for hours. Yoga energizes you, keeps you calm and improves your breathing. This is especially helpful if you are into mountain biking.

Practice Yoga before and after a long bike ride to relieve the tightness or soreness that you may feel in your legs. Yoga opens your torso and spine which you tend to flex forward when you cycle.

You could practice the Yoga asanas described below, before and after your cycling session. If you don’t have time for all of them, you could focus on any two. Make sure you practice them every single day.

Downward Dog


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• It helps stretch out the hamstrings and all the muscles along the back.
• It stretches and lengthens the torso, which can be shortened from forward position on a bike.

Crescent Lunge


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• It is a great stretch for hip flexors, which can get tight by sitting all day long.
• It helps you improve your balance.
• Keeping the knee up off the ground strengthens the core and the legs.

Crescent Lunge Twist


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• It stretches the muscles of the entire back. On a bike you’re in the same position for a long time, and your back muscles may get very tight. This pose helps loosen them up.
• Taking deep breaths in this pose can be exhilarating after a long ride.
• The twist is good for the abdomen muscles as well as the internal organs, and can help with digestion.



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• It strengthens the entire back body and opens up the entire front of the body too.
• It is a great energizing and uplifting posture if you’re feeling tired before or after your ride.



Pic credits: kristinmcgee.com

• It strengthens the muscles surrounding the hip area.
• It is quite a relaxing pose and we recommend you to practise this on a daily basis.

Seated Pigeon


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• This pose is good for people with knee sensitivity.

Dancer Pose


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• It strengthens the back and the legs muscles. It also provides extension for the spine.
• It opens up the whole torso area and stretches the arms.

Pls. note – This pose is a bit advanced, so don’t worry if you are not able to get it right away. Start low and push yourself to reach a little higher each time. You can practise this pose against a wall until you’re strong enough to let go.

Reclining Butterfly


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• It stretches the inner thigh and groin muscles, which can get over-worked while cycling.
• Save this pose for after the ride as it helps you unwind and relax.
• Hold this pose for ten deep breaths to improve your breathing.

Practise these poses daily and experience how they help you become a better cyclist.

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