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Stay Safe while you Run

Running in the city is always fraught with caution and danger if you are not attentive and careful. Nandini Reddy talks about how you can use small tips and tricks to ensure you have a safe run.
Runners choose different times of the day for their daily burst of energy. Some prefer mornings while others prefer evenings. We do not have access to parks and pathways to run all the time. In the Western nations, people wait for summers and spring to run but in a tropical country like India most people are waiting for the winters. Outdoor runs in the winters are pleasant and the added motivation because of the weather cannot be ignored. Most of us run on roads and accidents and mishaps are likely to happen if we are not careful. A few tips to ensure you are safe when you are running:

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Ultra running: Everything you need to know to get started

Ultra-running and ultra-marathons have become quite popular lately and runners are getting attracted towards it. This has led to a subsequent increase in the number of these events. Participating in an ultra-marathon requires sensible training approach and significant time commitment. Before jumping to the essential things that you need to know about ultra-running, let us first understand it briefly.

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