Ultramarathoner Kelly Agnew reminds me of when I was running the timed mile in middle school gym class. Back then, while kids like me would rip around the course, other kids would hide behind the generator, then pop out on the last lap, barely winded, and fly through the finish line. Agnew, the White Rim trail record holder and a runner-up at the 2013 Pony Express Trail 100, is like those other kids, but with a different hiding spot: the porta-potty.

Race officials tracked the decorated ultrarunner’s participation this year in the 24-hour race at Across the Years at Camelback Ranch in Phoenix, Arizona. They discovered that he wasn’t clocking in at a checkpoint halfway through the 1.0498-mile loop. Turns out, he was sitting in a latrine for seven minutes and then jumping out to cross the mat at the start/finish at the exact time he needed to keep his “mile pace” consistent.

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