Kolkata bowls the world Champion over with warmth and love

Kolkata, Dec 14: International Event Ambassador of TSK 25K Mike Powell today urged the people to come out in numbers and adopt running as a way of life. He will be at the starting line on December 17 and hoped to see a mini revolution as India wakes up to international racing.

“I would ask all the people to come out participate. I ask them to take their time and not compete against anyone. Just go out there and enjoy. Make it a part of your lifestyle. You will live longer and it will add to your brain power. It is easy and it is something that helps you build your life,” Powell said.

Then after a pause he added, “I will run the marathon at least once to say yes I did it. I run the treadmill and do it for almost 10K. But I have to run in the open once. I don’t know when, But I need to prepare my body for that.”

Asked about his first impression of the city, Powell said: “Crowded! very crowd. That’s the usual through, but I like it here. I live in Los Angles and I like the warm weather here. I feel at home. It is very familiar. I like the energy here and the buzz that goes around every time you walk out. I saw the line of shops and was thinking I should go out and shop one day.”

“I am very comfortable. The food is good, spicy and women beautiful. I can’t complain. I am a people person, so I like being around people it doesn’t bother me,” he added.

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Speaking about the line up for the 25K, promoted by Procam International, he said: “This is the first year when Procam is taking it international. It is a definite plus to have a world champion like Keninsia Bekele. I am happy that it will be a great race and we will witness some great competition that day. It is pleasing that India is beginning to have the top notch races. Personally I am glad to be a part of it.”

Asked who would he rate as the greatest athlete ever, he said: “Carl Lewis is of course one of the greatest. Usain Bolt has been so dominant in the last few years. I think if he trained for long jump he would have made the 9 mts. And then there is Jessie Owens. He broke four World Records in one afternoon. I would put all three up there.”

On was he satisfied with his world record, he said: “I would have loved to finish at around 9.15 mts. But after you become the world champion your focus changes. Before setting up the record I was hungry, but after that I wanted to do too many things. If I finished above 9.10 mts I would have been more comfortable now.”

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